Circuits mmx

Sala de Arte Joven, Comunidad de Madrid.


The exhibition showcased the winners of an open call for young artists. The curator wanted to enhance the diversity of the topics, formats and modes of expression of the artists (video, sculpture, drawing, installation, etc), without building a narrative to classify or distribute them in the showroom. And yet, a certain perception of belonging to a cohort was needed. How to design for isolation and connectivity at the same time? How to isolate with a very limited budget?

The space was subdivided into individual areas for each artist through layered PVC curtains, that provided the levels of light and sound isolation that each piece required by adding meshes and other layered materials. The fragmented PCV curtains were accessible through each point, multiplying the paths and narratives that viewers could articulate.

The curtains were later reused at the entrance of the social centre La Tabacalera.


C+ Arquitectos


Nerea Calvillo with Marina Fernandez

Graphic design

Monsters Club


Ivan Lopez Munuera


Área Cultura Comunidad de Madrid




Jorge Lopez Conde & Anna Tomich