Fluffy Grounds

13th Shanghai Biennale


Fluffy Grounds at Bodies of Water, the 13th Shanghai Biennale, curated by Andrés Jaque, You Mi, Marina Otero, Lucia Pietriusti and Filipa Ramos. At Power Station of Art contemporary art museum.

Grounds are terrains for soil-air mixtures, where everything is in transit and transformation, where biological, geological and gaseous matter mixes in energy exchange processes, generating growth and enabling decay. Thinking from grounds we explore air-soil relations and seek to challenge ground’s status as a dividing surface.

In Fluffy Grounds we focus on poplar “fluff”. Every year poplar female trees create a ‘spring snow’. They release millions of seeds that are cotton-covered to enhance transport and improve their chances of reproduction and survival. While causing aesthetic awe, this female excess has become penalized as unwanted and excessive pollution, inducing sterilization, the injection of inhibitors, the creation of genetically modified new breeds or the correction of the gender “imbalance” through sex reassignment surgery – the same treatments imposed on female, queer, racialized or disabled bodies. Yet fluff’s ambivalent status contests clear notions of pollution and toxicity in urban natures and demonstrates how queer ecologies are drivers of technological, urban and ecological transformations. 


C+ arquitectas


C+ arquitectas (Nerea Calvillo & Marina Fernandez)


Nerea Calvillo, Maria Puig de la Bellacasa


Drew Zeiba


Nerea Calvillo, Ella Fathi


Ana Isabel Bustamante Cruz


Oscar Tristancho, Chiao Yang


Artur Vidal


A/C Accion Cultural Española