Performance Architecture

Sala Tabacalera of the Ministry of Culture Madrid (Madrid)


Large rooms of an old tobacco factory hosted eight installations that were activated through performances during the exhibition opening. The exhibition design had to facilitate the display of the pieces and their actions or performances, as well as welcoming the visitors at the main entrance hall.

To re-connect the building with its past we built a tobacco curtain, to bring back the textures and odours of the material that had inhabited the factory for more than 100 years. But we also wanted to re-connect with the tobacco producers that provided the tobacco in the old days, which are still producing it in Extremadura. These old providers built the curtain with the same technique with which they dry the tobacco leaves in their dryers, and their work was exhibited together with the rest of the artists. During the exhibition the tobacco leaves slowly dried and lost their odour, providing a new welcome experience every day.


C+ Arquitectos


Nerea Calvillo with Marina Fernández


Ariadna Cantis


Intervento, Tobacco Growers


Spanish Ministry of Culture




Ignacio Bisbal, Asier Rua