Toxic Politics

Our special issue on Toxic Politics is out!

“One of the goals of this special issue is to move concepts of toxicity away from fetishized and evidentiary regimes premised on wayward molecules behaving badly, so that toxicity can be understood in terms of reproductions of power and justice. The second goal is to move politics in a diversity of directions that can texture and expand concepts of agency and action in a permanently polluted world”.

Water and air

Yey! Our article “Water and air: Territories, tactics, and the elemental textility of urban cosmopolitics” (with Manuel Tironi) published in Urban Cosmopolitics, edited by Ignacio Farias and Anders Blok, and with fantastic contributions by Isaak Marregui, Adolfo Estalella and Alberto Corsin Jimenez, among others.

Smart Cities

Finally received the last Arquitectura Viva issue (149), with our brief overview to smart cities as part of our Milgram Group (@Orit HalpernJesse LeCavalier, Wolfgang Pietch and myself) research. It also features In the Air, and a great article by Iván López Munuera on collectives. Thank you Lys Villalba!

Urban Media Cultures

Finally! The book “Urban Media Cultures” has been published with our article “Media Structures, Prototypes and Collective Prosthesis”. Thank you Susa Pop! It looks amazing.